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Next Stop: Thailand

I’m happy to announce that I will be leading a build in Chiang Mai, Thailand, in just a few weeks.  This is one of those “opportunity is not a lengthy visitor” things that just happened out of the blue.   Asia has never been on my list for leading a build, and there are only a few spots I have ever wanted to visit there (Japan, Korea, Vietnam).  Here’s the background:

Habitat for Humanity had planned a large build (as in, 3,000-people-large) for October, 2015, in Nepal.  Due to continued security and logistics problems in Nepal since the earthquake, that build was cancelled literally just a few weeks before it was to start.  So Habitat decided to try a smaller team there in April, 2016, consisting of just about 15 people.  On January 28, 2016, the decision was made to cancel that build, also due to logistics and security.   Instead, they would move the build to Thailand, a country in which Habitat has a large and successful record of progress.  Well, the team leader and over half the team decided they didn’t want to go to Thailand.  I’m not sure why, but that’s their prerogative.

So Habitat contacted me and asked if I’d lead the build instead, and also try to build the team back up to as large a size as we could get.  I eagerly agreed to lead it, although it gave me just two months to organize and plan it, whereas most builds take about seven months of planning.

So, I’ve spent the past three weeks furiously and eagerly preparing the trip, interviewing literally dozens of prospective team members, putting together all of the associated planning and logistics that are involved with leading a build, and researching cultural and team building activities in Thailand.  As of today, I have a team of eight, with three more considering joining, and two more who have inquired as of this morning.  My goal is to have 11 or 12 members.  We can get the job done with that number, although it will be tough.  But that’s the fun of it!

So check back in a few weeks for more updates of GV-16337.  You can also see a YouTube video of my last build in Jordan by clicking here.

A recent Global Village build in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

A recent Global Village build in Chiang Mai, Thailand.



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