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A Little About Me...

Part time humanitarian; beekeeper; adventure seeker; classic car buff; Mercedes aficionado; history and politics nerd; science geek; conservationist; lead conductor of the Trans-Mongolian Philharmonic; nightly news anchor in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.


Height:   5′ 8″ (172.75 cm)
Eye Color:   Green
Current City:   Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Favorite Foods:   Italian; seafood
Favorite Color:   Blue
Favorite Dessert:  Cheesecake

Mac or PC?  Mac and iPad user, previous iPhone user but switched back to Android
Education:   Biochemistry (BS); Finance (BS)

Countries Visited:   33 (Many 3-5 times and for extended periods)
States Visited:   42

Pets:    Two cats

Interests:   History; politics; astronomy; science; social justice/humanitarian issues

Hobbies:   Photography; beekeeping; cars; adventure travel

Where does the name ‘k2traverse’ come from?

It refers to the mountain in the Himalaya known as K2.  It’s the second highest mountain in the world, just after Everest, but it is much, much steeper and more technical to climb.  There is a spot near the summit that is very technical and hard to ‘traverse.’  Years ago, I had an interest in mountain climbing, and the name k2traverse has been a name I’ve used since then.  While I never climbed K2, I have done some climbing.


Projects in Which I Am Involved Around the World:

Beekeeping as a sustainable social enterprise project

Childhood education

Healthcare in developing countries

Agricultural development

Social enterprise

Poverty housing

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