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What I Learned About Cruising

I recently went on my first cruise — 11 days through the Panama Canal and South and Central America, six countries in total. That’s quite a long cruise for one’s first time (and a lot of money). It would make for a long 11 days if I decided that I didn’t like it. But I…

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Blue Apron Follow-up

It’s been nine months since I started Blue Apron, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting a meal delivery service.  As I mentioned in the last BA post, the one answer to everyone’s question is:  Is it worth the price?  I vouched for the value then, and there have been numerous articles and other media coverage that…

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Keys to Success, Part II

I keep learning new things each day.  This will probably be an ongoing project, as I don’t think there is ever one way to be successful.  A lot of people have “made it” using various tactics, but I think much of it can always be summarized by these things: Take risks.  What’s worse — Failure or…

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Habitat for Humanity and the Environment

As a volunteer with Habitat for Humanity, I am impressed by the fact that they do so much more than just “build houses.” Of course, that’s one of their core values, but it goes beyond that.  They empower people to lift themselves from poverty, teach classes on financial management, require homeowners to contribute 500 hours…

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Blue Apron — Yay or Nay?

UPDATE #2 — 08 November 2016:  Today’s box arrived and I’m looking forward to the ricotta and beet grilled cheese sandwiches.  They also sent a coupon for $20 off their wine club, which includes six reds and six whites monthly.  Maybe I’ll try it once, but I won’t subscribe to it, as it includes what…

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Missing Thailand in a Bad Way

I’ve been back from Thailand for two months already.  It seems like I just got back.  Time goes by so fast. People still ask me about the trip and my face lights up and I get excited talking about it.  “Did you like it?” is a common question, basically a generic and benign segue into…

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A Run For The Border

We were in Chiang Mai, Thailand, for two weeks on a Habitat for Humanity build project.  Myself and two of my teammates decided to take one of our free days and go to Myanmar.  All three of us share the desire to collect passport stamps and take pics of interesting signs around the world.  A…

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400 Baht Covers Drinking, Driving and Hitting a Tree

I love getting into taxis around the world and striking up a conversation with the driver.  You meet so many interesting people with so many interesting backgrounds.  So on my recent two week stay in Chiang Mai, Thailand, I utilized the services of Mr. Sanguan Thaiyanto a couple of times. I walked out of my…

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Next Stop: Thailand

I’m happy to announce that I will be leading a build in Chiang Mai, Thailand, in just a few weeks.  This is one of those “opportunity is not a lengthy visitor” things that just happened out of the blue.   Asia has never been on my list for leading a build, and there are only…

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