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On Being a Team Leader with Habitat for Humanity

I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed being the team leader for my recent build in Jordan with Habitat for Humanity. I’m a volunteer just like the other members of the team, but in exchange for taking on the responsibility, organizing and coordinating the build, leading it, and other duties associated with a humanitarian project,…

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The Bees & The Elephants

The Background… There’s a major problem in Africa that’s been around since humans have inhabited the dark continent.   As is the case with most social ills in the world, mankind’s problems have adverse and subsequent affects on other species, as well as the environment.  The problem?  Humans’ need for land vs. the natural habitat…

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From Suits to Boots–A Recap of the Habitat for Humanity Jordan Build

(Please note that some mobile devices will rotate pics 90 degrees). What An Awesome Team! Habitat for Humanity Global Village teams come from all backgrounds.  We were very fortunate to assemble such a unique team for the Jordan build, including 13 members from seven countries, with seven men and six women.  Six members had participated…

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The Road to Amman–A Reflection

[This post is best viewed not on a mobile device] Actually, it’s the flight to Amman, but that didn’t sound as good.  International travel always holds the unexpected, no matter how well you master the game.  Going across several time zones is always sure to bring about some entertainment. It started in Atlanta.  I’d just…

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Day One — Jordan

The first day of the build was today.  That’s what we’ve all worked so hard for over the past six months.  Several of the teammebers arrived in Jordan a few days early to spend a little time looking around.  I have to admit that I have fallen in love with this country and its people.…

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Countdown to Jordan

This week, 13 volunteers from seven countries begin departing for Amman, Jordan, to participate on a Habitat for Humanity Global Village (GV) build (to learn more about the GV program, visit my Global Village page).  We will be in a small village about 100 km northwest of Amman and spending almost a week building a…

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